Embrace yourself; it’s the summer of LOVE.

Embrace yourself; it’s the summer of LOVE.

Last weekend, my best friend and I attended the Southbank Centre’s Festival of Love. The Festival of Love has been created to explore and celebrate all the complexities of human relationships. But what I found most interesting about the festival was that Southbank Centre had invited the Museum of Broken Relationships to be a part of it. Broken relationships? To hear the term itself might possibly stir up feelings of bitterness and sadness. I was certainly intrigued.

As we entered the museum, we saw clearly posted on the wall, a statement that the artist’s of the museum had made. And a very powerful statement indeed:

“Our societies oblige us with marriages, funerals and even graduation farewells but deny us any formal recognition of the demise of a relationship despite it’s strong emotional effect… the Museum of Broken Relationships offers the chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation: by contributing to the museum’s collection”.

“Wow. How awesome.” was my initial reaction. I fully believe that if we do not embrace the pain that the end of a love relationship brings, if we do not deal with our suffering by really going through it, really feeling the sadness, we may not fully heal. And then these repressed feelings are often taken with us into the next relationship, where ‘stuff’ starts to come up again. And so here was a collection of love stories, powerful creations of love that people had contributed, and had come together under one roof. And it was all part of the healing process. There were love letters, handmade gifts, diary entries… At times it was very moving, emotional, tragic, and at other times funny.

I left the museum with feelings of sadness, compassion and curiosity. I’d entered a museum of lost souls – souls who were expressing their individual emotional states. Some were feeling desperate, some were very accepting.

My thoughts then turned to the idea of self-love (as well as self-expression) being key in all of this. We need to learn to understand ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings and embrace it all without judgment. Yoga teaches us to love ourselves, to love everyone around us, and to move into the world with greater awareness, kindness and compassion. When you know who you are, life starts to make a little more sense.

Yogi Bhajan said: “If you cannot find yourself, you cannot find anybody you want to find”.

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Have a great weekend!

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